Five to Ten 60-Minute Sessions Strung Together to Create a Structured Curriculum Plan

Amazing Saves Structured Private lessons are a series of privates that will focus on one skill development per session. Coach Bill will structure 5-10 different save or skill techniques in a series that will create a curriculum that is meant to touch on all the skills a goalie will need to become a complete goaltender. Since no two goalies are at the same point in their development Coach Bill will customize the plan based upon the goalie’s current skill level. A typical session will consist of a 15-minute warmup that will focus on stretching, skating and edge work followed by 45 minutes of individual skill development. The below Skills and Techniques will be used to create a comprehensive practice plan using game situation drills:


  • 1:1 Goalie to Coach
  • Coach’s video review of session $25
  • $450.00 for a 5-session curriculum – all fees included Except Ice Time (see ice costs below)
  • $900.00 for a 10-session curriculum – all fees included Except Ice Time (see ice costs below)
  • Ice Time NOT included
  • Typical Rink’s Stick and Puck cost: $30-$50 for Coach and Player for the hour.
  • Apex (Formally CoachCast) membership included
  • Videotaping of session with Apex (Formally CoachCast) included
  • New goalie jersey included
  • City Ice Pavilion’s Studio Ice cost:  5 session cost $180 = $36 per hour (Half Ice) OR  $72 per hour (Full Ice)

Skills and Techniques

  • Glove Saves
  • Blocker Saves
  • Stick Saves – Steering
  • Chest|Smother Saves & Rebound Control
  • Crease Management – Angles, Depth & Squareness
  • Post Integration – Post Hold, RVH & VH
  • Behind the Net Coverage – Down Low & Out Play
  • Desperation, Recovery Saves
  • Screen & Tip Saves
  • Breakaway Saves & Techniques
  • Box Control
  • Stick Handling
  • Power Skating & Edge Work

2018 - 2019

Coach Bill LoPinto

Sessions can be arranged 7 days a week
with short notice based upon the Coaches
Calendar Availability and Ice Time Availability.

Sessions can also be arranged during
Stick and Puck sessions at either
City Ice Pavilion or World Ice Arena.