60-Minute Single Session Lesson for 2 Goalies with a Goalie Coach

Amazing Saves 2:1 Semi-Private lessons brings 2 similarly skilled goalies together for a lesson that will also focus on each individual goalie needs. There are multiple advantages to semi-private lessons. Shared cost of the ice time, lower fees for each goalie, the chance to observe, learn and rest as the other goalie works through a drill and the ability for the coach to work the other goalie into the drills such as screens and tips. Each private will be custom tailored to the goalie’s current skill level and needs. Semi-Privates can be set up in one of two formats. The Multiple Skill Development Model or the Single Skill Development Model:

**Consider reserving a package of 10 or more sessions to save $$ and then the Coach will create a Structured Private Plan that builds a curriculum from the multiple skill list below.

To arrange for a Private session with Coach Bill or one of his Coaches simply click on the “REGISTER TODAY” button towards the bottom right of the page and you will be led to the registration page.

Additional Details:

    – 2:1 Goalie to Coach

  • – $125 per Goalie – all fees included Except Ice Time (see ice costs below)
  • – Coach’s Apex video review of a skill or drill for each goalie per session included ($25 or more value!)
  • – Apex membership included  (a $75 per year Value
  • – Videotaping of session with Apex included 
  • – Goalie Jersey included for New Students  
  • – Take 10% off packages of 10 or more sessions 
  • – Ice Time NOT included 
  • – City Ice Pavilion’s Studio Ice cost: $36 per hour = $18 per Student for Coach and two Goalies 
  • – Typical Rink’s Stick and Puck cost: $30-$50 for Coach and Player for the hour 
All Students are offered a 10% discount to goalie gear purchased from Westside Stick and Skate! Offer not valid on services rendered such as skate sharpening or gear repairs

Multiple Skill Development Session: In this format, the lesson will consist of drills that work on anywhere from 2-8 different skills. A typical session will begin with a 10-15 warm-up that will focus on stretching, skating and edge work. The remaining 45-50 minutes will be dedicated to shooting and game situation drills. Typical Skills and Technique development selections:

***Power Skating and Edge Work*** 
  • Glove Saves
  • Blocker Saves
  • Stick Saves – Steering
  • Chest|Smother Saves & Rebound Control
  • Crease Management – Angles, Depth & Squareness
  • Post Integration – Post Hold, RVH & VH
  • Behind the Net Coverage – Down Low & Out Play
  • Desperation, Recovery Saves
  • Screen & Tip Saves
  • Breakaway Saves & Techniques
  • Box Control
  • Stick Handling
  • Positional Play with Zone and Zone Entry Reads  

Single Skill Development Session: Just as the description suggests this session will focus on a single Skill or Technique development. Various shooting and game situation drills will be utilized to work on any of the one types of save selections or game situation skills listed above. Like the Multiple Skill format, the lesson will begin with a 10-15-minute warm-up that will focus on stretching, skating and edge work. The remaining 45-50 minutes will be dedicated to shooting and game situation drills.

Bill LoPinto Goaltending

Coach Bill LoPinto

Sessions can be arranged 7 days a week
with short notice based upon the Coaches
Calendar Availability and Ice Time Availability.

Sessions can also be arranged during
Stick and Puck sessions at either
City Ice Pavilion or World Ice Arena.